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no, this is ouran high school FIGHT club. you broke that vase, now we break your neck.

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i love bald people but where does their forehead stop, does it just wrap around their head? is it just one big forehead? where does it end

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- Friend: Hey why do you like that character so much?
- Me: Are you sure you're ready for this kind of conversation

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I’m certain the Vulcans were like “We get that you’re half human, so you can keep ONE emotional/human response and you can use it as much as you like.”

And Spock was like “Sass.”

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how can anime characters easily bite themselves hard enough to break skin and make a cool blood splattering effect out of it i tried this once after watching naruto and screamed and cried

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All Hitch hears is an annoying buzzing sound.For actual-marlo, cause they're a bae.


All Hitch hears is an annoying buzzing sound.
For actual-marlo, cause they're a bae.




I actually think I saw someone point that out months ago, and it just feels so right??
They got reborn

They are alive


Forgive me for my horrible marriage puns


reasons to love in the flesh: well-written female characters