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Eren, wake up


miyuki-klippenstein: Hitch still doesn't love you, she will forever love Boris (and yes maybe I am but do not call me jerk. Use an insult I actually know)

miyuki-klippenstein: "That was rude.”



”You’re just sensitive.”

"I am not, that was really rude!"


miyuki-klippenstein: Hitch loves Boris and Rosa is an OC. Hah!

Boris has nothing to say in this matter, Boris only loves himself.


Shingeki No Kyojin: One Gifset Per Episode - 01x1 
On That Day Humanity Received A Grim Reminder.

miyuki-klippenstein: "That was rude.”

”You’re just sensitive.”

miyuki-klippenstein: Mina is dead, Annie is in the crystal. Your gfs are impossible to have for you. Hah!

Hitch is still okay though. And Rosa.

what-is-it-anon: lol ur gf is ded

So is ur bf

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